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Challenger’s team is driven to synchronise and streamline our clients’ needs by executing efficiencies that enable us to create optimal work, educational and recreational environments. Our extensive track-record of proven industry experience provides us with the knowledge to develop effective solutions that answer your specific requirements to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and optimise customer satisfaction.


Challenger provides an expert team, with all the knowledge and skills required for excellent retail cleaning and facility solutions.

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Challenger are an experienced partner to local and state governments specialising in commercial, transport and infrastructure cleaning and staffing projects.

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Education & childcare

At Challenger, we understand the delicate and unique need to provide specialised cleaning services for the education and childcare sector.

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Commercial property

Challenger is a competent, experienced and leading provider of optimised strategic outsourcing solutions to the commercial property industry.

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Residential strata

Challenger understands the importance placed on protecting the investment residents and building owners have made within a strata complex.

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