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Our approach

Challenger is as dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality outsourcing solutions as it is to being responsible corporate citizens. That’s why we seek to always improve not only our services, but also the working environment of our staff and the ecosystem we inhabit as a company and as humans. Challenger believe in equality for all and actively contribute to sustainable development by delivering social, environmental and economic benefits to all key stakeholders.

Vision & values

Challenger is a leading strategic outsourcing specialist, where the supply of precision optimised service solutions is strategically critical. Challenger applies a performance-based proprietary methodology to ensure bespoke solutions are consistently delivered to brief and budget.


People Powered to Perform


FOR OUR CLIENTS  |  Optimised commercial outsourcing with execution excellence every time.

FOR OUR TEAM  |  Team empowerment with systemised training, reward and recognition.


  • People power – We are only as good as our people and our team is our clear priority.
  • Performance – Delivering to exacting needs.
  • Leadership – In innovation, accreditation, fair work practices and training.
  • Service Excellence – Delivering synchronised service excellence.

Social responsibility

Challenger actively contributes to sustainable development by delivering social, environmental and economic benefits to all key stakeholders. We are dedicated to meeting all of our clients’ environmental, quality and management standards; as such our Environment, Quality and Safety Management Systems have been certified to the relevant ISO and AS/NZS Standards.

Aboriginal Engagement

Challenger appreciates that local economic and social development can facilitate significant improvement in the overall wellbeing of Australia’s Indigenous population. We seek active community engagement and support key areas of importance to the Indigenous community by enabling employment and advancement opportunities within our team.

Disability Engagement

Challenger is committed to providing Australians who have a disability with meaningful employment and economic security. Key to our employment of team members within the community, is aligning with the six priority areas of the National Disability Service (NDS):

  • Inclusive and accessible communities
  • Personal and community support
  • Rights protection, justice and legislation
  • Learning and skills
  • Economic security
  • Health and wellbeing

Community Programs

Challenger is dedicated to providing exceptional outsourcing solutions to our strategic partners with synchronised precision. We are equally devoted to giving back to our community and our environment – so each year, we select a new program to support and help fund so they can continue to do great things for the world around us.

Environmental management

As a large and rapidly growing commercial outsourcing specialist, Challenger recognises its responsibility to minimise its environmental impact for the good of the planet. We put great emphasis on complying with regulations, reducing our carbon footprint and training our employees to be ‘green’. We are also market leaders in the use of innovative technology when implementing sustainable environmental management plans.

Challenger provide optimised environmental management plans with precisely identified targets, KPI measurement and monitoring, timeframes and responsibilities, including:

  1. Water Conservation
  2. Waste Management, Collection & Minimisation
  3. Reduction in Consumption of Electricity/Fuel
  4. Management and Minimisation of the Use of Hazardous Substances
  5. Biodiversity Management Program
  6. Recycling Schemes
  7. Training Programs for Staff in Environmental Awareness
  8. Due Diligence in the Environmental Impacts of Sub-Contractors

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